Our Services
Air conditioning

A well-functioning air conditioning system is important to your family and crucial to your business. Glendale Plumbing Heating and Cooling can repair any make and model of air conditioning system, and can set up a newer, better system if necessary.
Some of our common services include:
Coolant recharge: Air conditioners need coolant to function, and it is dangerous (and illegal) to handle it on your own. Glendale Plumbing Heating and Cooling has it covered.

Air quality improvements: Cool, dry air blowing throughout your house may be comfortable during the summer months, but it may be potentially harmful if the air is full of pollutants and bacteria. Our duct and filter cleaning services will ensure that your home has a pleasant climate and clean air.

Distribution problems: If your air conditioner is working normally and the building is still not cooling down, there is likely a problem with the distribution system. We will run a diagnostic, then pinpoint and resolve the problem