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The ideal heating system for any building of any size or design is under floor heating; it insures that your valuable wall and floor space isn’t obstructed by obtrusive radiators. With under floor heating you and not the radiators decide the location of furniture, desks or displays etc. Imagine complete freedom of interior Design, it is a reality with under floor heating.

The entire under floor heating system is invisible and requires no maintenance. Space consuming radiators are eliminated. It offers maximum comfort and minimum bills making it the ideal solution for heating purpose. It is a well planned integrated heating system that works wonders and takes care of all your comfort levels.

It can be controlled by you and the perfect room temperature is maintained. There are various options available to fit your requirements perfectly and companies also offer customized solutions. Glendale provides radiant floor heating solutions for more efficient, easy to install, and the least expensive.

Glendale Plumbing Heating and Cooling extensive floor heating product range includes heating for under tile, carpet and timber laminate flooring, in-slab and polished concrete. Our floor heating services include floor heating design and under floor heating installation.

Glendale Plumbing Heating and Cooling are specialists in the installation, service and repair of pool heat pumps. We have done our research and are committed to providing you with the highest quality heat pumps available. Not astonishingly, they happen to be US products!