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Hot water circulator

If you are building a new home or rehabilitating one, now is the time to put in a re-circulating loop! You will have no trouble installing the return loop lines and insulating all of the necessary pipes.
It is not hard to install hot water circulation loop In fact, over half of the work is already done as the plumber installs water supply lines to each fixture group in your new home.
All a plumber has to do is install a 3/4 inch diameter line from the water heater that feeds all of the fixtures in the house that need hot water. He continues this 3/4 inch pipe throughout the entire house and branches off of it to feed hot water to each fixture.
But when he gets to the farthest fixture away from the water heater, he doesn't stop the line - as most plumbers do. Instead, he continues the 3/4 inch line all the way back to the water heater without interruption.